Fancyneck shirts

Fancyneck shirts

I’ve witnessed a great number of run of the mill, customised creations on our fashion desk. Then I came across Fancyneck, brainchild of Feyi Olufisibe. Her creations don’t involve minor tinkering, but clever restyling. This has involved her cutting up a series of ladies shirts and reassembling in a style that is new, fresh and dynamic and also befitting of any boardroom or client tête-a-tête.

After her initial ‘D Neck’ creation Feyi has produced nine different shirt designs; sleeved and sleeveless. The range comprises striped and plain colours. Cuts are modern, with a structured tailored appearance. All shirts have been produced using the highest quality 100% cotton, I know I’m wearing one as I hit my keyboard. They’re machine washable too. Sizes range from 6 – 14.

I personally think the price point of between £35 and £40 is more than a touch generous. Cuff links are available too. Added to that long sleeved shirt purchasers come with a smart gift box and cuff links. This really is the gift that keeps on giving. The Fancyneck 2011 Summer collection is available now at

By Indian Princess (International Life)

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