Can a woman have everything?

As a general statement, yes of course women can have everything! However I am talking about work. In particular work outfits. Don’t groan – we all face the same problems.  Trying to dress in the morning for an unpredictable day at the office is a nightmare for all professional women. Do you dress for comfort? Will there be any unexpected meetings? Will you need to be dashing all over town? Will you end up at a business lunch or after work drinks?  Taking extra outfit choices into work to cover all eventualities is a complete pain, but the only option you had. Until now.

Fancyneck Ladies Shirt

Fancyneck Ladies shirts……….not just another shirt

Meet the Fancyneck Ladies Shirt. Designed by a professional woman for professional women.  The Fancyneck is not just another shirt, it is THE shirt you should be wearing.  Classy and sophisticated by day, these shirts work wonderfully with tailored suits or pencil skirts. The 100% cotton fabrics allow you to keep cool and unruffled during your working day, however busy you get.  Let your hair down, add some make up and clever accessories and you are good to party the evening away straight from work.

Naomi Fitted Ladies Shirt

Naomi Fitted Ladies Shirt

My current favourite is the Naomi shirt – named after the stunning supermodel, Naomi Campbell. I admire her strength, elegance and individuality and that is the essence I captured when designing this shirt. With a gorgeous cap sleeve and contrasting white mandarin collar, this shirt is perfect for the boardroom or bistro. Best of all it is currently only £25.00 in our current sale! Available in sizes 6 – 14, this shirt is also machine washable. In a gorgeous, summery shade of red, this shirt suits all skin tones. So grab a piece of dynamic work clothing to suit all your needs.

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4 Responses to Can a woman have everything?

  1. S Coleman says:

    this would be perfect on the Tube – it is always so hot when I am nipping from one meeting to the next. is it orange or red?

  2. Rita says:

    I saw a lady wearing something very similar to this last month. I have spent ages trying to search for it but I didnt have a clue how to describe the collar and neck shape! It looked lovely on and the colour is beautiful. I agree with previous comment – it looks orange in the photo but in reality it is a beautiful shade of red. I like the green pinstripe one too – really beautiful. I will be buying next pay day!

  3. fancyneck says:

    Thx Rita, looking forward to your order 🙂

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