Every face needs a neckline to fit

Who would have thought such a small part of your outfit could dramatically change your look.  It can ruin a look you’ve spent ages trying to achieve as well as adding that confidence you need to deliver a marketing presentation to a room of directors.

Fancyneck create their shirts with this is mind, knowing that we don’t all have the perfect oval face and that we can all look gorgeous in a shirt that fits perfectly to our body shape.  The shirts are beautifully tailored specifically with women in mind.  It is not possible to get a “one shirt fits all” like a man’s shirt, us ladies have curves and the shirt should embrace this.

Which shirt works for your body shape?

Naomi Ladies Shirt

Naomi Fitted Ladies Shirt

Naomi Ladies Shirt

This elegant cut out neckline and half mandarin collar is perfect for those with an angular face.  The Naomi shirt has a cut out neckline which is not too deep or wide but is scooped to provide the effect needed to add a softer line of focus for the eye to be drawn to.  This shirt adds curves to give the illusion of the face being more rounder.  This is not an ideal shape for those with a wide neck because their neck does not finish where the neckline starts making the neck look wider than what it is.  The Gabby style is a great alternative.  Those ladies with a larger bust may prefer the Krystal design as a longer and thinner neckline.

Krystal Ladies Shirt

Krystal Ladies Shirt

Krystal Ladies Shirt

If you have a round face, you need a neckline that gives the impression of the face being longer.  The neckline needs to be deeper instead of being wide.  This shirt is designed for ladies with a round face as the cut out neckline creates this effect.  This is a very popular style of neckline and does work on most ladies, but if you are a lady that has a long neck this may create the illusion of being longer.  To overcome this wear a necklace to break up the neck or wear a cardigan to create layers.

Willie Ladies Shirt

This beautiful shirt features a full curve cut out neckline suited for those with a long face.

Willie Ladies Shirt

Willie Ladies Shirt

The long face has the opposite principles to a round face as the neckline needs to make the face appear wider allowing the eye to be drawn horizontally.  Ladies who are long faced tend to be tall and thin and a full curve cut out would give the illusion needed to make the face more oval.

Gabby Ladies Shirt

Gabby Fitted Ladies Shirt

Gabby Ladies Shirt

Featuring a full curve cut out neckline.  This shirt is an edgier version of the classic scoop neckline.  It works for most neck types but those with short or wide necks should wear with caution as it draws attention to the neck and creates bulkiness so may also not suit those with a larger bust.  However is a lifesaver for those with a smaller bust as it can be difficult finding a shirt to flatter.

Finding a flattering neckline is like putting a puzzle together.  Look at all your features and piece together.

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”

— Diana Vreeland

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