Evolution of the working woman

Working women have so many options with their clothing that we really are spoilt for choice. Fashion can affect our choice of colours, materials and style of our shirts and suits and this is influenced by celebrities and new designers challenging the perception of what is acceptable.  Let’s take a look at what you would have been wearing in previous decades – we love a bit of nostalgia!

1960’s – the Swinging Sixties.

The time of the Women’s Liberation Movement and Mary Quant.The mini skirt and nylon briefs were introduced and the most notable fashion news of the decade was the amazing Jackie Kennedy. Young, sassy and a trend setter, Jackie Kennedy influenced many women – if you were working in the 60’s it is likely you would have been wearing a plain shift dress and a box jacket with oversized buttons.

1970’s – equal pay brings confidence!

This was an important time for women in the workplace.   However the fashion was a little stuffy – despite Karl Lagerfield being the designer of the moment, power suits were all the rage as were blazers and elasticated trousers!

1980’s – Hollywood influences!

If you were working in the 80’s, it is likely you would have been emulating Princess Diana’s subtle but elegant style. However, the 80’s also brought some shocking fashion influences – namely shoulder pads straight from Dynasty and Dallas. Also gracingthe 80’s were coloured shoes and matching handbags and the dreaded Filofax.

1990’s – elegance steps forward

Donna Karan took designing for women to a new level and smooth lines and elegant clothes started to become popular. The Rachel haircut was a hit for most of the 90’s – it is the most requested haircut ever.

2000’s – the Millennium

With the turn of a new decade, the fashion returned to professional yet comfortable clothing. The emphasis was to dress well for you, not others. Fashion allowed women to feel feminine, yet business like in the workplace.

Present Day

Celebrities still have a major influence on our fashion, but more in our evening and day to day wear. Work wear is flexible in many workplaces, with the emphasis on being clean and presentable, rather than the necessity of a formal suit.




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One Response to Evolution of the working woman

  1. Katrina says:

    I remember the shoulder pads – hideous. I thought it was fashionable at the time though. I would love a Jackie Onassis revival though, all those big buttons and stylish 2 piece suits. Very chic

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