Us Ladies are allowed to want something different

Ladies scouring the internet looking for something different, comes as no surprise, does it?  When it comes to shirt shopping there is plenty of ladies shirts on the market and the styles and colours available have never been greater than the choices we have available now.  Many are off high quality but when shopping for a shirt for an interview or a board meeting chaired by the new Chief Executive a shirt is needed that does not just shout quality but has a “message” you want to portray.  That message being respect, professional, and smart.

Tai Ladies Shirt in blue and white stripes

Tai Ladies Shirt

Fancyneck offers a shirt that is very different to anywhere else, yes it is high quality but it makes a lady that wears a Fancyneck shirt feel good about herself.  This is because Fancyneck make the wearer feel as if the shirt was made for her because of its cleaver tailoring.  Now ladies can experience and understand the pleasure of having a tailored shirt without the cost.

Fancyneck have so much choice and it can be hard to just choose one.  If you  did have to choose one, the Tai Ladies shirt with flattering blue and white stripes is simple yet has every detail covered.  In the words of Plato, an Ancient Greek Philosopher “Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity”.

It is a stylish short sleeved fitted shirt that has a cap sleeve with a wing collar and a cut out neckline.  The sleeves have a white edging that match the collar and is currently in the sale at £25.00.  The fit is beautiful and a feminine shade of blue that will look great with a pencil skirt or trousers.  Get yours quick before stocks go as this has proved to be a very popular shirt.

If you can’t decide whether you would like the Temi Ladies Shirt, priced at £55 or the Gabby Ladies Shirt, priced at £55, you can for a limited time purchase three shirts for £125, so you can have both and another one of your favourites.

Which three shirts would you choose?

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