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Us Ladies are allowed to want something different

Ladies scouring the internet looking for something different, comes as no surprise, does it?  When it comes to shirt shopping there is plenty of ladies shirts on the market and the styles and colours available have never been greater than the choices we have available now.  Many are off … Continue reading

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Evolution of the working woman

Working women have so many options with their clothing that we really are spoilt for choice. Fashion can affect our choice of colours, materials and style of our shirts and suits and this is influenced by celebrities and new designers challenging the … Continue reading

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Every face needs a neckline to fit

Who would have thought such a small part of your outfit could dramatically change your look.  It can ruin a look you’ve spent ages trying to achieve as well as adding that confidence you need to deliver a marketing presentation to a room of directors. … Continue reading

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Can a woman have everything?

As a general statement, yes of course women can have everything! However I am talking about work. In particular work outfits. Don’t groan – we all face the same problems.  Trying to dress in the morning for an unpredictable day … Continue reading

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New Fancyneck iPhone App!

Get sexy, fancy and playful on the palm of your hand, wherever you are with the new iPhone App. Fancyneck is now available to download for free. App Features Get all the latest news about new designs, offers etc … Continue reading

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Men’s shirts-short skirts?

I say no! Check out what I like to call – ladies shirt-pencil skirt. These will fit any boardroom anywhere with lots of style and girl power 🙂

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Fancyneck shirts

Fancyneck shirts I’ve witnessed a great number of run of the mill, customised creations on our fashion desk. Then I came across Fancyneck, brainchild of Feyi Olufisibe. Her creations don’t involve minor tinkering, but clever restyling. This has involved her … Continue reading

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